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bust your sixteen lines...

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since its been
a minute
i been in
enough to quit
enough to start spittin
this rough writtens
and soft pencils
all precision
because its all written
since i been this
sickly thrilled by you kids misery
what ass N's cant get to me
too white to quote biggie
too white to flow with me
when its quite like im light
and im like come fuck wit me
in a tizzy tiltin tipsy spillin henny mean
leanin more than a one leg bitch named ilean
minus the e, but still rollin
still holdin the truth frozen cuz hot heads cant hold it
inside their skull for a mother fuckin moment
still never know it
still a poet
still write dope shit
still quoted, 2000 and 15 rappers never notice
they use rhymes i put onna internet in 2000 and 6
said it was a message then
said it heaven sent
a heavy sin
to waste this testament
but shit is wind to me its just a breath
i exhale effortless
my mind is monumental, mono e mono monstrous mentals
i could feed the zombie apocalypse off just the occipital...

(no subject)
I overdosed on nos
Til im doper than nas flow
like an overdose caused blood
to flow outta my notrils in my nose
its unclear why im here holdin a wheel tryin to steer where it goes
a naked soul giving birth in a hearse with a curse and a jolt
tracks more scarred than the track marks of usain bolt
vanished like im under where like im disrobing a ghost
strippin away at my pulse with impulse to awaken my role
so if it aint clear you cant hear such transparent prose
just square what you wrote, then cube it, this Picasso of poets,
sever your ear and ear muffs while daley’s hummig his notes
and muffling hard,
like a medic without hands trying to shuffle up cards
im underhanded,
understand it, you dummies, I cant be managed
Im like a wounded mummy oozing because he can’t be bandaged
im landspeed bandwidtch, cosmic passing human torch
getting scorched cuz I bomb harder than fantastic four
on some high five hive mind and high minded tip
I mean wait, like a suffocating waiter stuck in an elevator
Im panicking until a gripped the mic, another manic fling,
like lovebirds tossing nest eggs down a drain from a canopy
that’s be harrowing to a sparrow without a ringing endorsement
im an abortion like christrian slaters roles since broken arrow but more horrible.

At night this white dick is a night stick
Rape you during the night shift
With pills from bill cosbys pharmacist
Leave you passed out at the john

I got herpes and im tryina pass the baton
Tell fans, hands off, like I lost an and both palms
Im passin up blondes in a thong to make passes at moms
They give softer hand jobs when they passed out in the john

Cuz at night this white dick is a night stick
Talk about a fucking night shift
I’ll rape ya with
Id rather rape ya with pills from bills pharmacist
I mean huxtable…

(no subject)
life was really great till i discovered my brain
a stain, it became plain that i was completely insane
i lost all will and my vision was worse than cloudy
retina's detached and a sense that I was drowning
I fought, I struck, I swum and I snuck
I couldn't shake the beast and resolved to give up
So I did, I sat back and used my minds eye
to observe a world and life pass me by
and not once did i regret withdrawing from it all
our worlds are so small i easily survived the fall
so damaged and broken yet feeling every needle
being jabbed in to action but collapsing, feeble
If I weren't so cerebral I'd be more often in jest
that's a cold glass of water to the chest, it's bullshit
it's a song that sick men sing to legitamise their health
it's a tune i can't play to cause i'm legitimately filth
so suck all the life from the shrubs that grow near me
don't fuck yourself aor pretend you're life is endearing
deep down you're all me, and I, all you
but by the grace of god, a truly sick man, life's a grey hue

It's been like 7 years since I posted here. Didn't know this was still around!
we didn't use a rubber but i came on her body/
tardy, i waited till the last second/
then bust the nut with more force than a cop/
beating me with a loaded weapon/
Excedrin. my head is medicine for the bed ridden/
I'm devilin, Cruella than 101 diseased pigeons/
I never leave unless the bitch has left her senses first/
Before I leave I take all dollars and cents from the bitches purse/
the worst, i'm sicker than mac miller/
swallowing a stash of purple pills before a fight to the death with my shady dealer/
A killer/
I'll breach elite defenses/
sweet is where her legs end and my tooth is sweet for lesbians/
cherry's are the cruellest curse, discard them with my feelings/
chomping through the crop getting fat off fructose millings/
chilling, to Cherry's i'm the disease/
destroying hopes and dreams with the strength of Orthosia hibisci/
So please/
lose those pants and all your pretense/
you're just like me, deserving to live in the dirt with all us cretins

huilende Wolf. Part 1.
My neurons set fire and give birth to this pain,
From my soul they pull to acquire of my worth and my name.
They portray you as a liar
They bring girth to this shame.
How the fuck my admired shattered my earth through its frame?

Fuck, it’s you that I blame.
No, it’s me that’s insane.
Deranged claims sang that day clang in clots in my brain.
Now I’m seized by the bane,
And the treachery of this dame.
You were caressing my throat,
While secretly placing your chains.

I remember you crying,
It’s so vivid and plain.
You were the one needed assurance,
Tangled up in your skein.
The thought of losing me
It left you feeling cold and afraid
But I stayed persistent
It was me that remained.

How easily you were thwarted
It was so cheap and mundane
Your path was set astray by just a dip in terrain
The love that I knew would have surely refrained
All that’s left of it though,
Is a thought, like a stain.
Welling up in my eyes
Running thick through my veins
I’d have embraced the demise
If I had seen through your feign
Perhaps that’s all that she was,
Just a thought,
Evanescent and vain,
That there might be a bond that one could embrace through these flames.

I didn’t foresee it,
I couldn’t explain.
I opened my mouth up,
But could not exclaim.
I trusted you truly,
While you furtively changed.
You bound up my throat
Once my trust was obtained
Then strangled me lifeless,
Dumped my corpse in the rain.


I stained to open my eyes.
My legs were broken and tied.
Broke the chain off my throat,
Choked on my vomit and pride.
Soaked in the gutter I lied,
Roped up and barely alive.
My fingers were limp,
But managed to use my teeth as a guide.
Found it in me to pull and grab my knife from my side
Sawed those fucking shackles until my legs were finally untied.
I scraped the ground with my nails,
‘Til I tore the flesh from their hide.
Then I gave a quick glance back at all what once was mine:
Everything that I gave
All that my heart did confide.
Gave a moment to mourn for the innocence that had died.
Spat on that delusion,
Kept dragging my limp corpse back inside.

(no subject)
alright, let's kick off this ode to a wasted life
fucked up so much, forgot what success tasted like
never had a real job, never hit my potential
fuck, not even close, washing dishes and pushing pencils
endlessly, thinking about all the shit i should have done
had grand dreams at 22, now i'm 31
and time has a way of disappearing, confusing never clearing
and you wake up with the same sinking feeling
that's another decade down, what have you learnt?
time waits for no man as he crashes and burns
it's funny, just wanting to be everybody's friend,
it just attracts enemies, no remedy for empathy
no reprieve, no end to the calamity,
so gradually i just slip back to this fuckin fantasy
all my life, i start things and never finish them,
that's why now i'm breaking my back for bare minimum
and there are thousands of others who are just like me
we wake up to this nothingness after fucked up sleep
another hundred clicks of the same shit, we're wasted  
stuck in this endless loop until we cut too deep

Like honey
Slow like honey seduction as your touch makes me function
so correctly - we connect and I start to feel the corruption 
A husky giggle consumption as your fingertips suction
to parts of my body that just haven't been touched and 
you slowly implode me I feel my body exploding
and I like this excitement so much it's still showing
when you lay down next to me snoring as if the whole thing were boring
my smiles diminished, along with my glory 
but it's okay - I'm not whorey, I just wanted a story
that didn't end in pretend but this one i'll be ignoring
like molasses it'll pass this void low in my heart
slow like honey, but funny, how quickly it starts 

(no subject)
And so it goes
They cake they nose
In coke they blow
An so engrossed
In dope en vogues
The hopes in tote
They hold in souls
Just holes and smokes
And open flows
The blood and grows
The flood of bones
And death imposed
I pause, repost
Posture repose
I’m hostile each most Lethal,
most evil, and Weak hoes feeble,
each note I breath through each note I’m east coast
When I breath I’m a beast I am speaking cheat modes
Throw up the grease on beats I speak so much disease
My lungs are sulphurous springs even coded speak boasts
You’ll be floats in a sea of debris you’ll be ghosts
Deceased under the trees and leaves – compost.

(no subject)
like jay said, there's no such thing as too fresh
technically with the two techs my technique is foolish
i leave you wet, your girl too wet
you blew it, when she blew it, twice like a duet
in the back seat of a buick while i'm laughin at your music
little dumb bitch blowin like a trumpet
enough licks i dump kids off in her stomach
then take her back home for you to love and hug and kiss
she said you sick motherfucker
nah, i'm a dick, i won't fuck ya
i got just what i wanted, enough of ya

fatal attraction is an action of immaculate satisfaction
thats followed by disaster when followed by the last words, i love you
but that ain't what i'm about
i will get it, and get out
get it in your mouth
you get down
i'll hit it and then bounce
and that sounds just right if you ask me
but you mad at me cuz it had to be a tragedy
you couldn't manage when you damn plans and fantasies began to vanish
in a panic you lashed out cuz you couldn't understand its
the way it goes
I love them hoes
But I never fall in love with hoes
the type that'll work to put me in expensive clothes
and cry in joy over the gift of an inexpensive rose
don't get it twisted I ain't twisted but did you actually get it ...
I really love them hoes
but you should know I ain't fallin in love with hoes.

(no subject)
god commanded me to stop the inanity
so i went to fox news and shot sean hannity
and chopped em into pieces of inanimate humanity
and as my enemy i put his skull on my mantlepiece
at crystal river springs and went to swim with the manatees


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