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bombcat wrote in hiphopverses
alright, let's kick off this ode to a wasted life
fucked up so much, forgot what success tasted like
never had a real job, never hit my potential
fuck, not even close, washing dishes and pushing pencils
endlessly, thinking about all the shit i should have done
had grand dreams at 22, now i'm 31
and time has a way of disappearing, confusing never clearing
and you wake up with the same sinking feeling
that's another decade down, what have you learnt?
time waits for no man as he crashes and burns
it's funny, just wanting to be everybody's friend,
it just attracts enemies, no remedy for empathy
no reprieve, no end to the calamity,
so gradually i just slip back to this fuckin fantasy
all my life, i start things and never finish them,
that's why now i'm breaking my back for bare minimum
and there are thousands of others who are just like me
we wake up to this nothingness after fucked up sleep
another hundred clicks of the same shit, we're wasted  
stuck in this endless loop until we cut too deep

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Deep !! Time waits 4 no one

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