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huilende Wolf. Part 1.
vanraijin wrote in hiphopverses
My neurons set fire and give birth to this pain,
From my soul they pull to acquire of my worth and my name.
They portray you as a liar
They bring girth to this shame.
How the fuck my admired shattered my earth through its frame?

Fuck, it’s you that I blame.
No, it’s me that’s insane.
Deranged claims sang that day clang in clots in my brain.
Now I’m seized by the bane,
And the treachery of this dame.
You were caressing my throat,
While secretly placing your chains.

I remember you crying,
It’s so vivid and plain.
You were the one needed assurance,
Tangled up in your skein.
The thought of losing me
It left you feeling cold and afraid
But I stayed persistent
It was me that remained.

How easily you were thwarted
It was so cheap and mundane
Your path was set astray by just a dip in terrain
The love that I knew would have surely refrained
All that’s left of it though,
Is a thought, like a stain.
Welling up in my eyes
Running thick through my veins
I’d have embraced the demise
If I had seen through your feign
Perhaps that’s all that she was,
Just a thought,
Evanescent and vain,
That there might be a bond that one could embrace through these flames.

I didn’t foresee it,
I couldn’t explain.
I opened my mouth up,
But could not exclaim.
I trusted you truly,
While you furtively changed.
You bound up my throat
Once my trust was obtained
Then strangled me lifeless,
Dumped my corpse in the rain.


I stained to open my eyes.
My legs were broken and tied.
Broke the chain off my throat,
Choked on my vomit and pride.
Soaked in the gutter I lied,
Roped up and barely alive.
My fingers were limp,
But managed to use my teeth as a guide.
Found it in me to pull and grab my knife from my side
Sawed those fucking shackles until my legs were finally untied.
I scraped the ground with my nails,
‘Til I tore the flesh from their hide.
Then I gave a quick glance back at all what once was mine:
Everything that I gave
All that my heart did confide.
Gave a moment to mourn for the innocence that had died.
Spat on that delusion,
Kept dragging my limp corpse back inside.

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I never noticed this til now. For the only verse I've seen from you it's great stuff. good job bro.

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