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bust your sixteen lines...

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It's been like 7 years since I posted here. Didn't know this was still around!
q__tip wrote in hiphopverses
we didn't use a rubber but i came on her body/
tardy, i waited till the last second/
then bust the nut with more force than a cop/
beating me with a loaded weapon/
Excedrin. my head is medicine for the bed ridden/
I'm devilin, Cruella than 101 diseased pigeons/
I never leave unless the bitch has left her senses first/
Before I leave I take all dollars and cents from the bitches purse/
the worst, i'm sicker than mac miller/
swallowing a stash of purple pills before a fight to the death with my shady dealer/
A killer/
I'll breach elite defenses/
sweet is where her legs end and my tooth is sweet for lesbians/
cherry's are the cruellest curse, discard them with my feelings/
chomping through the crop getting fat off fructose millings/
chilling, to Cherry's i'm the disease/
destroying hopes and dreams with the strength of Orthosia hibisci/
So please/
lose those pants and all your pretense/
you're just like me, deserving to live in the dirt with all us cretins

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diseased bread roll let heads roll
roid rage make my neck swoll
im ex-plo- so sive im sharper than knives
sharper than wit is, sharper than iron
shaved into the star tipped point of a diamond
stabbed into your eye and out the eye lens
hi friend, push more weight than gyms
more gold then california rushed
more game than scrabble plus thesaurus

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