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q__tip wrote in hiphopverses
life was really great till i discovered my brain
a stain, it became plain that i was completely insane
i lost all will and my vision was worse than cloudy
retina's detached and a sense that I was drowning
I fought, I struck, I swum and I snuck
I couldn't shake the beast and resolved to give up
So I did, I sat back and used my minds eye
to observe a world and life pass me by
and not once did i regret withdrawing from it all
our worlds are so small i easily survived the fall
so damaged and broken yet feeling every needle
being jabbed in to action but collapsing, feeble
If I weren't so cerebral I'd be more often in jest
that's a cold glass of water to the chest, it's bullshit
it's a song that sick men sing to legitamise their health
it's a tune i can't play to cause i'm legitimately filth
so suck all the life from the shrubs that grow near me
don't fuck yourself aor pretend you're life is endearing
deep down you're all me, and I, all you
but by the grace of god, a truly sick man, life's a grey hue


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