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inadequate_one wrote in hiphopverses
I overdosed on nos
Til im doper than nas flow
like an overdose caused blood
to flow outta my notrils in my nose
its unclear why im here holdin a wheel tryin to steer where it goes
a naked soul giving birth in a hearse with a curse and a jolt
tracks more scarred than the track marks of usain bolt
vanished like im under where like im disrobing a ghost
strippin away at my pulse with impulse to awaken my role
so if it aint clear you cant hear such transparent prose
just square what you wrote, then cube it, this Picasso of poets,
sever your ear and ear muffs while daley’s hummig his notes
and muffling hard,
like a medic without hands trying to shuffle up cards
im underhanded,
understand it, you dummies, I cant be managed
Im like a wounded mummy oozing because he can’t be bandaged
im landspeed bandwidtch, cosmic passing human torch
getting scorched cuz I bomb harder than fantastic four
on some high five hive mind and high minded tip
I mean wait, like a suffocating waiter stuck in an elevator
Im panicking until a gripped the mic, another manic fling,
like lovebirds tossing nest eggs down a drain from a canopy
that’s be harrowing to a sparrow without a ringing endorsement
im an abortion like christrian slaters roles since broken arrow but more horrible.

At night this white dick is a night stick
Rape you during the night shift
With pills from bill cosbys pharmacist
Leave you passed out at the john

I got herpes and im tryina pass the baton
Tell fans, hands off, like I lost an and both palms
Im passin up blondes in a thong to make passes at moms
They give softer hand jobs when they passed out in the john

Cuz at night this white dick is a night stick
Talk about a fucking night shift
I’ll rape ya with
Id rather rape ya with pills from bills pharmacist
I mean huxtable…


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