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inadequate_one wrote in hiphopverses
since its been
a minute
i been in
enough to quit
enough to start spittin
this rough writtens
and soft pencils
all precision
because its all written
since i been this
sickly thrilled by you kids misery
what ass N's cant get to me
too white to quote biggie
too white to flow with me
when its quite like im light
and im like come fuck wit me
in a tizzy tiltin tipsy spillin henny mean
leanin more than a one leg bitch named ilean
minus the e, but still rollin
still holdin the truth frozen cuz hot heads cant hold it
inside their skull for a mother fuckin moment
still never know it
still a poet
still write dope shit
still quoted, 2000 and 15 rappers never notice
they use rhymes i put onna internet in 2000 and 6
said it was a message then
said it heaven sent
a heavy sin
to waste this testament
but shit is wind to me its just a breath
i exhale effortless
my mind is monumental, mono e mono monstrous mentals
i could feed the zombie apocalypse off just the occipital...

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I'm whiter than the fright Casper gave Kat
Rhyming just as tight as Kats Virgin twat
Yeah it's been a minute but I've been mackin
No slackin
2015 and my rap career didn't happen
So what's crackin live journal
I remember the days I used to drown till my soul curdled
Then hit up this place and splatter spleens like girdles
Now all that matters is my family like Urkel
Inadequate one, with an inanimate tongue
You been sleeping on this website
Im waking you up, son
Mentally I'm not focused
Lyrically I'm fucking hopeless
Ever since I quit booze and started my drug opus
Notice given, 90 days, infect my body in many ways
Steady haze I levitate from anti ds and Medicaid
I had to google occipital
My wasted mind is now critical
I beat my body's visuals
I only focus on the physical
Still not lyrical
2015 and still no job and still no woman too
Cooking fools, cooking for my muse
Down the hatch or in the crook, new rules
Jay said he will not lose, ever
I lost every endeavour
Patiently waiting for my ties to be severed
So I can retire my leathers

no mind is wasted if its workin
i never heard your verses be conservative
tell em to fuck off if it hurts to give
and give a fuck less when it hurts to live
relax and enjoy your passion for rappin
enjoy the action of graspin what can be imagined
enjoy the fact that back then when we was just askin
the most of ourselves and fantastic shit happened
and sometimes didn't, sometimes a written
was an exposure of a piece of ourselves scribbled quick
and sometimes sketched out, we let the best out
of ourselves in amounts many of the best'd be jealous how
and jealous of now, and still copious scenes
to come before the credits roll on the ending
kids rolling on evenings listening to techno shit
thinking they invented it, never heard of aphex twin
unoriginal rappers these days are worse and worse
2005 HHV net nerds smashed their verses...

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