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inadequate_one wrote in hiphopverses
like jay said, there's no such thing as too fresh
technically with the two techs my technique is foolish
i leave you wet, your girl too wet
you blew it, when she blew it, twice like a duet
in the back seat of a buick while i'm laughin at your music
little dumb bitch blowin like a trumpet
enough licks i dump kids off in her stomach
then take her back home for you to love and hug and kiss
she said you sick motherfucker
nah, i'm a dick, i won't fuck ya
i got just what i wanted, enough of ya

fatal attraction is an action of immaculate satisfaction
thats followed by disaster when followed by the last words, i love you
but that ain't what i'm about
i will get it, and get out
get it in your mouth
you get down
i'll hit it and then bounce
and that sounds just right if you ask me
but you mad at me cuz it had to be a tragedy
you couldn't manage when you damn plans and fantasies began to vanish
in a panic you lashed out cuz you couldn't understand its
the way it goes
I love them hoes
But I never fall in love with hoes
the type that'll work to put me in expensive clothes
and cry in joy over the gift of an inexpensive rose
don't get it twisted I ain't twisted but did you actually get it ...
I really love them hoes
but you should know I ain't fallin in love with hoes.


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