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hiphop verses

bust your sixteen lines...

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hiphopverses is a community for hiphop emcees to flex their rhyming muscles. if you are an emcee, feel free to join.

if you're not exactly ready to post your rhymes just yet, it's all good! just don't forget to introduce yourself -- just leave a post and say something about you. let's not be strangers.


1. no off-topic posting. we don't want to read posts about who you think the greatest emcee of all time is, or if 2pac was a better emcee than biggie. LJ has a dozen other hiphop communites where you can debate and voice out your opinions when it comes to stuff like that. what we can post: our rhymes and verses, our inspirations, and basically anything to do with writing and busting hiphop verses.

1.a. this is not a battle forum. battle verses are more than welcome, but remember that our primary goal is to analyze each other's posts and offer opinions, comments and advice. if you're more into battling, then maybe you'd best check other communities like battlerap.

2. no flaming, no hating. honest opinions are encouraged, though, as long as you back them up with explanations. i'm sure we all know where to draw the line. if you've got nothing constructive to say, then don't comment on someone's verse. constructive criticism is different from plain insulting. personal attacks are also a big no-no.

3. please follow this format. now i know that following this may take some time, and it may curb our enthusiasm (especially when you're keystyling off the top of your head), but it's for the best. this is so it's easier for everyone to follow what you're posting -- it's so they can critique your work not only for lyrical content, but also for attack, delivery, rhyme scheme, and so on and so forth.

format is as follows:

i. first off, let us know if what you're posting is a pre-written or keystyled. if you have an audio version of your verse somewhere, link us to it, by all means!

ii. type your verses in bars (which means, a count of 4 for every line).
ex: (this is 2 bars)
"I met this girl, when I was ten years old
And what I loved most she had so much soul"

- Common, "I Used To Love H.E.R."

iii. this is optional, but if you'd like for us to know how you would be delivering it, you can make use of slashes (/) to denote where we should pause, should we by chance say your verse out loud.

4. one love. this is a vague rule, but it pretty much sums up everything else that needs to be said. let's all remember that hiphop is a culture that spans every gender, class, religion, race and nationality. a little bit of respect is all we need.

if you run into any trouble, just look for one of the mods, and we'll figure something out.


anyone who breaks these rules will have their posting access taken away.

moderators: miaowow, doomsdayblaze, kanino, mcshutup and privatelyricist.
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